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TrustTalk - It's all about Trust

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  • E24
  • 27:21
  • July 16th 2021

David Horsager is a global expert on trust and CEO of Trust Edge Leadership Institute where the mission is to develop trusted leaders and organizations. Trust is a fundamental, bottom-line issue. Without it, leaders lose teams, salespeople lose sales, and organizations lose reputation, retention, and revenue. But high-trust teams and organizations bring out the best in their people and get the greatest results. Through David’s industry-leading research The Trust Outlook and firsthand experience working with the world’s highest-performing organizations, David reveals the 8 Pillar Framework for driving business results and becoming the most trusted in your industry.

TrustTalk - It's all about Trust

TrustTalk podcast covers all aspects of Trust. Trust is more relevant than ever. Trust is everywhere. Trust has many faces. We will dive in all aspects of trust in the lives of people: trust in technology, social networks, trust in politicians, trust in facts, communications and journalism, the judiciary, your partner, employer or employee. Trust is not something that comes for free, most of the time it requires a lot of effort to gain and once gained, to keep it. Without Trust, nothing works.

Trust takes years to build, seconds to break and forever to repair.

Meet the Host

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Severin de Wit
Your TrustTalk podcast host

Former attorney-partner at several law firms, lastly Simmons & Simmons, he started in 2010 the IPEG consultancy (Intellectual Property Expert Group) with 24 international IP consultants. Severin is chairman of the Netherlands foundation "Stichting PleitAcademie", a certified training institute for attorneys and law professionals. With the TrustTalk podcast and the website ( he is pursuing his passion for trust. Nothing works without trust.

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