Grinding through Shaky times: Chat with Sarah in Circuit Breaker Phase 2 artwork

Grinding through Shaky times: Chat with Sarah in Circuit Breaker Phase 2

  • S1E8
  • 41:29
  • July 20th 2020

Hello! Welcome back to #TRYEVERYTHING! In today’s episode we try something a little different. Basically, my nails were pretty bad so I went for a manicure (and podcast interview!) with my long time friend Sarah from The Shaky Hands! She has a long history working various jobs in retail, F&B and corporate, and here she shares her journey and experience of launching her own home-based mani/pedi business.

Highlights of the episode include:

·       Sarah shares about how her career started in the hospitality industry [3:00]

·       Sarah’s biggest takeaway from the retail industry [4:30]

·       Why Sarah decided to venture into a traditional office job, and why it didn’t suit her [6:53]

·       How a diagnosis forced her away from her corporate role and into launching her home-based business [9:45]

·       The origins of the name “Shaky Hands [11:00]

·       Sarah talks more about adapting during the Circuit-Breaker period [13:50]

·       How she started a trend, and what she thinks about “copycats” [15:08]

·       Sarah opens up about her biggest regrets during her journey, and the difficult start to her business [25:40]

·       Sarah reflects on her greatest lessons throughout her career [32:15]

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Guest: Sarah


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