Never Too Late: How busy mom Teresa Foo launched her organic skincare business Balm Kitchen at 37 years old.   artwork

Never Too Late: How busy mom Teresa Foo launched her organic skincare business Balm Kitchen at 37 years old.

  • S1E3
  • 36:59
  • February 2nd 2020

Hello guys! Welcome to the third episode of #TRYEVERYTHING! In this episode we talk to a long time friend of mine Teresa, who is truly a paragon of our show’s message – she was someone who started out her career in real estate management, before leaving to pursue her passion in graphic design as a freelancer, and eventually leaping on the opportunity to start her own organic skin care business Balm Kitchen! And she even did this while raising a family as well, incredible! This was a really insightful episode, Teresa has so much to offer, and so I hope you enjoy!

Highlights of the episode include:

·        Teresa’s background within the real estate industry, and why she left to pursue her passion of graphic design [0:49]

·        What her experience was like as a freelance graphic designer, how she sourced for new clients, and the unexpected reality of her new role [2:12]

·        How Teresa juggled motherhood and her new career, and the new perspective that she gained from that experience [3:57]

·        Why Teresa thinks nurturing plays a significant role both in motherhood and in your career [7:07]

·        How the rude remarks of her former classmate spurred Teresa into her next journey [9:09]

·        How Teresa learned from her child’s skin condition to enter into the realm of entrepreneurship, organic skin care, and the opening of her business Balm Kitchen [10:53]

·        The new challenges that Teresa faced now juggling motherhood, entrepreneurship, and her personal ambitions [13:40]

·        What myths Teresa discovered as she ventured into the clean beauty industry [17:02]

·        How Teresa decided to take the plunge into starting a business [18:43]

·        What challenges Teresa faced as a first-time business owner [19:35]

·        What a typical day looks like for the self-identified “octopus”, Teresa [25:05]

·        Teresa’s advice for young adults just starting to get into the workforce [29:03]

·        How Teresa deals with peer pressure or familial expectations [31:50]

This episode’s guest:

Teresa Foo is founder & skincare formulator at Balm Kitchen, an organic skin care business that focuses on Asian botanicals.

She is also a firm believer in the Whole Food Plant Based lifestyle, and has helped her family to transition as well. She started her career in the real estate management industry as a technical officer focused on housing maintenance, before leaving to pursue her passion in graphic design as a freelancer. However, she would later leave her role to support her family, and when researching homemade skincare solutions for son’s eczema, chanced upon an opportunity to venture into entrepreneurship with Balm Kitchen.

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