Why Community Matters: A journey from mental illness to self-help junkie to community building with Vincent Ng of A Good Space.  artwork

Why Community Matters: A journey from mental illness to self-help junkie to community building with Vincent Ng of A Good Space.

  • S1E4
  • 44:35
  • February 16th 2020

Hello! Welcome to the fourth episode #TRYEVERYTHING! In this episode we talk to Vincent Ng, a Junior Curator and Community Coordinator for A Good Space, who shares his background with mental health, entrepreneurship, and the value of community. It was a truly wonderful conversation packed with so much insight and advice and so I hope you guys enjoy!

Highlights of the episode include:

·        Vincent explains his role as a community creator at A Good Space and how it affects the social impact space in Singapore [1:49]

·        Vincent shares how his journey started with a mental illness diagnosis in 2009, and his discovery of the self-help industry [3:29]

·        How local education and the intense results-driven culture impacted his mental health and led him to find his purpose [5:03]

·        What Vincent thinks of his past as being a “seminar junkie”, and why he dislikes the culture of dependence it creates [7:21]

·        Lauren relates with her own struggles of mental wellness and being scared of silence [10:49]

·        How Vincent manages with his mental health these days through journaling and processing his emotions [14:48]

·        Why Vincent thinks you need to be aware of your “internal scripts” [16:24]

·        How Vincent learned to appreciate strengths instead of weaknesses [19:23]

·        Vincent explains the importance of community and interdependence [23:39]

·        Vincent talks about his entrepreneurial ventures from selling sweets to network marketing to a stint at an education technology startup [27:55]

·        What Vincent learned from his various entrepreneurial experiences [31:45]

·        Why Vincent decided to self-publish a book called “Why You Should Fail” [33:17]

·        Why Vincent doesn’t regret his life-decisions, and why he thinks it’s important to make your own life choices [37:48]

·        Vincent shares advice about the importance of understanding your priorities and identity, and the value of rest [41:06]

This episode’s guest:

Vincent Ng is a Junior Curator and Community Coordinator for A Good Space at the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre.

Before he joined A Good Space, he has also been involved in various other ventures, such as starting a snacks and sweets business while still in school, to being involved with a education technology startup. Later during the final year at university, Vincent would compile these experiences, along with the experiences of many Singapore entrepreneurs before him, into a self-published book titled “Why You Should Fail” 

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