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Growth Planning Drivers with Patty Lawrence

  • S11E13
  • 14:13
  • November 11th 2022

S11 E13 The 4-D’s of Growth Planning: Drivers Drivers drive the framework for the organization’s growth. Drivers include:

Leaders in the company who drive the implementation of good habits and ways of doing things within the organization, with their respective teams. They mobilize their own teams to execute on certain things.

Continuous learning in the organization. The teaching of certain principles and habits to teams helps them perform at their highest and best.

Technology, which enables us to do things better, quicker, and faster. It often gives us more robust information to better make decisions and it provides us with a platform to measure numbers and make choices based on those numbers.

Habits. What habits will help you drive towards your growth goals?

These are some of the key habits (AKA best practices) we need to instill in our teams in order to function as growth drivers in the business:

Alignment. Everyone in your business needs to be in alignment on the number one priority for the quarter that will move the company forward. When everyone is on the same page, they can play their part in the movie.

Communication. Communication should be robust, effective, and at a particular cadence.

Accountability. Each person needs accountability and to understand their role in achieving the growth plan.

Feedback loop. Team members need to be able to voice what obstacles and opportunities are in their path.

Reporting and analysis of data. We need to have the technology platforms to support the business’ growth and let us know exactly where we are (and how far we still have to go).

Alignment with our core values and purpose. At TurboExecs, alignment = velocity. We can get there farther and faster if we all work together and are aligned with our purpose.

Objectives. These should be communicated to the team so we know we’re all pulling for the same goal.

Measuring plans and performance. Those results need to get posted front and center so everyone understands the metrics and how close or far we got to our goals.

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TurboCharge Your Business

TurboCharge Your Business is a show for business owners who are tired of just working IN the nuts and bolts of their businesses and ready to work ON the business itself from a big-picture, growth-oriented, strategic perspective.

This season is called 13 Weeks to Financial Literacy and over the course of the season, your host Patty Lawrence is teaching you everything you need to know to take your business from confused and chaotic to strategically growing with you in the driver’s seat. From people planning to cash flow planning to performance measures and more, it all starts with understanding the story behind your numbers.

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Patty Lawrence
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Patty works with $2M+ professional services and non-profit organizations that struggle to get the timely financial reports they need to function, often because one person holds this information hostage or lacks the skills required to do the work.

Through outsourced accounting and CFO services, Patty and the TurboExecs team reveal the story behind the numbers so leaders confidently can make data-driven decisions that allow them to leap forward, trusting they have the team and finances in place for manageable, profitable growth. As a result, their clients typically increase the bottom line by at least 15% and feel in control of their finances and results.

Patty got her first taste of entrepreneurial life in the office of her father’s well drilling business in her teens. With her first accounting class in high school, she’d found the professional outlet for her problem-solving skills.

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