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Unleash Your Courage

James Manske- Author of "Thinking Horizontally" and a Keynote Speaker

  • S1E3
  • 1:02:24
  • January 15th 2023

"Stories of Borrowing and Loaning Courage, and Thinking Big"

James Manske, Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Consultant, and Coach, joins me as the first guest.

He shares how courage has been part of his incredible success, mind shifts, community, and so much more. He truly believes that part of his mission is to share his success process with as many business owners in the world with his book.

James loaned me courage at a pivotal point in my life. Learn more about the story in the introduction of my book.

  • How to become a great leader?
  • How do I help people achieve their goals?

Connect w/ James:

If you want more fun yet inspiring stories on how these people build their success, feel free to follow me. Let's unleash your courage, and see you on my next episode!

Unleash Your Courage

Unleash Your Courage is a podcast for entrepreneurs, aspiring business owners, leaders, and individuals who want to become more, achieve more, and do more for others.

We will learn from the stories of those facing their fears and doing big things, and have a little fun along the way.

Being great leaders begins with leading ourselves well. How do we do this unleash our courage and champion spirits.

Courage is the key to more happiness and success. You can borrow courage from others, learn to use it constructively, and lead by loaning others yours.

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