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Unshakable Being

Soulfluent Leadership: Creating What Works for Everyone | Priscilla Stephan

  • 1:02:11
  • August 5th 2020

What if you could lead easily by being you...and as a result created a world that works for everyone? You can—join us as intuitive business strategist Priscilla Stephan and I explore this new paradigm of leading (and we're ALL leaders) that creates a 360 win for all. Listen in as we cover:

  • the Soulfluent Leadership Archetypes® 
  • Understanding ourselves better in term of our unique talents, energies, & gifts
  • How to discover your leading and evolving edge
  • Handling your initiation into leadership growth
  • How to lead by asking questions (instead of needing to have answers)
  • How to choose what you want your life to look like from a place of sovereignty 
  • 4 questions to amplify your leadership

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Unshakable Being

The Unshakable Being podcast explores how to reduce stress, build resilience, and unlock the vitality in your life, body, and business (or career) through the lens of being the real—not the conditioned—you.

We do that by diving deep into the genius of experts and letting curiosity run wild to discover the inspiration and practical tools (both everyday and spiritual) you can use today to become unshakable, so that you are calm, powerful, and confident—no matter what.

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