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Episode 04 - Power in Partnership: MakerHealth with Anna Young, CEO

  • S1E4
  • 30:13
  • October 20th 2021

Welcome (back) to the Visionary Nurse™ Podcast! Presented by Antonette Montalvo Consulting and Coaching Services, and inspired by Montalvo International Community Health Initiative, designed to dare you to be influentially visionary!

In this episode of the “Power in Partnership" Series, I chat with Anna Young. Anna Young is a medical device archeologist. By taking apart medical devices, she learns how they work, how they don’t work and how the ingenuity of providers at the point of care transforms how these same devices perform. She believes transparent and democratized design is the future of healthcare. As CEO and Co-Founder of MakerHealth, MIT Lecturer and Researcher, LinkedIn Top Health Innovator under 35, TEDMED Speaker, Fast Company Most Creative Business People, she has a vision. 

MakerHealth is reinventing the way health technology is designed and made. With access to first in class tools and an engaged community, nurses and clinicians will not only use health technology of the future, but will lead the creation of life-changing health devices for patients. 

The team at MakerHealth has been collaborating with nurses since 2008 to increase prototyping literacy and build a global portfolio of nurse-made devices for patient care. From the jungles of Ecuador and coffee farm clinics in Nicaragua, to the sleepless hospitals of London and NYC, MakerHealth democratizes access to health technology design and prototyping tools. It starts with you.

Through newly launched programs at MakerHealth, you can finally turn the health technology into something you can hold in your hand. The MakerHealth Academy program gives clinicians access to personalized learning and prototyping tools to create. From the ideas to improve wound care applications to new approaches to detect sodium levels in pediatric patients, the program is open to support all technology ideas. You’ll access world class tools from health design and fabrication experts, to lead the vision and creation of your project. Fellowships for MakerHealth Academy exclusively for nurses can be applied for here before November 1st. 

For health care systems, MakerHealth is offering sponsored licenses for MakerHealth Create Cloud program for qualifying hospitals or community health centers that want to enhance the natural problem solving abilities that involve creating new tools and technology. When teams of clinicians have the materials, permission, and space to create, an ecosystem of innovation flourishes at the point of care. 

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NOTES: Views expressed are my own! MakerHealth logo used with permission.

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