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Visionary Nurse® Podcast

Episode 11: Visionary Resilience

  • S1E11
  • 27:53
  • November 11th 2022

Welcome (back) to the Visionary Nurse® Podcast! The purpose of the podcast is to accompany the work I do as a Community Health Consultant and Coach and Mentor for Nurses, and designed to educate, uplift, and support each other as we dare to be influentially visionary!

As there are so many shifts in healthcare, it's important for nurses (and others) to look to innovatively expand their knowledge in a variety of settings, gain more footing in avoiding burnout, as well as understand, now more than ever, the importance of creating sustainable and collaborative changes that cross sectors to influence access to care, business growth, organizations, and institutions, especially as we navigate so many societal changes.

In this episode, I share a few reflections based on a blog post I published entitled The Year of Visionary Resilience. I believe this reflection, and a few additional thoughts, are timely and applicable as we shift seasons, and take the challenges or changes we've experienced in life and transform them in a way that creates visionary resilience as we move forward, and as we allow ourselves to be a visionary influence for someone else.

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Visionary Nurse Podcast

Welcome to the Visionary Nurse™ podcast! The purpose of the podcast is to accompany the work I do as a Community Health Consultant and Coach and Mentor for Nurses, and designed to educate, uplift, and support each other as we dare to be influentially visionary

As there are so many shifts in healthcare, and nurses are looking to innovatively expand their knowledge for cross-sectoral collaboration, this podcast shares the journey and experiences of visionary nurses, entrepreneurs, business and community leaders involved in improving health by being change agents in their spheres of influence.


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