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Wellness Unwrapped

How walking can change your life

  • S2E34
  • 1:03:47
  • February 8th 2021

The huge benefits of walking for our physical, mental and emotional health are beyond question.

However, I had no idea that the way I walked wasn't actually that great - and that I could be walking much more effectively to achieve so many more benefits.

That's why I'm so excited to bring you this conversation with the wonderfully uplifting Joanna Hall, who has taught me to optimise my walking technique.

Joanna is an internationally acclaimed Sport Scientist and creator and founder of WalkActive – The Effective Walking System. Her TV experience includes resident Fitness Expert on ITV’s This Morning. She’s also the author of fourteen books, including The WalkActive Programme.

Joanna is super passionate about helping people to improve their cognitive, physical and mental wellbeing – all through walking.

Watch Joanne demonstrate a simple way to improve your posture in this video clip from our conversation:

If you'd like to experience the same 7-day programme that I did, I'm delighted to share that you can use the promotion code peppermint25 to get 25% off Joanna's Get Started with WalkActive Programme.

This will empower you to look, feel and perform better - all through walking. You'll improve your posture, your walking technique and boost your physical activity levels.

Let Joanna personally mentor you in her upcoming Joanna Coached Get Started with WalkActive Programme - or choose to start feeling the benefits today and follow the programme at your own pace with the self-guided version.

Find out more here:

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