I took a psychedelic drug. Here's why. artwork
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I took a psychedelic drug. Here's why.

  • S3E55
  • 1:21:19
  • January 24th 2022

This episode will come as a real shock to people who know me – because I’ve always been staunchly against drugs.

So what persuaded me to change my mind and volunteer for my first ever experience of a psychedelic drug?

You may have read about new research showing the remarkable effects of magic mushrooms in treating a host of mental disorders, such as depression, addictions and PTSD.

There's a lot of hype around this ground-breaking area of “plant medicine” and - after careful thought - I decided that I would experience this for myself and then share an honest, first-person account with you. So I recently travelled to Amsterdam to take magic mushrooms in a safe, legal, supported setting with a skilled therapist. As you’ll hear, the experience wasn’t quite what I expected!

This is one of the most fascinating and timely conversations I’ve shared so far. It also brings a much-needed dose of nuance, honesty and realism to the subject of magic mushrooms.

My guest on this episode is Jonathan de Potter, Founder & CEO of Behold Retreats - a bespoke wellness service that facilitates journeys of self-discovery and transformation, supported by the scientifically proven benefits of plant medicine therapy. He’s passionate about raising awareness of the benefits of plant medicine therapy, and its potential to improve wellbeing and mental health outcomes. This led him to launch Behold Retreats in 2020, providing curated programs which incorporate a memorable plant medicine retreat in a safe, legal and highly supported setting. 

Find out more about Behold Retreats here: https://www.behold-retreats.com/

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