Lessons from a spider in my bed artwork
Wellness Unwrapped

Lessons from a spider in my bed

  • S3E47
  • 20:07
  • October 4th 2021

Welcome to a brand new season of Wellness Unwrapped!

To kick off season 3, I'm sharing some reflections I've had while on a break from the podcast and social media over the summer. You'll also hear how my reaction to finding a big, dead spider in my bed has inspired me! I hope it will inspire you too - and reassure you that you are making more progress than you might give yourself credit for.

To celebrate the launch of this new season, I’m offering you the chance to win two, one-to-one sessions with me. Using functional medicine health coaching combined with EFT tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique), I’ll help you to ditch the self-sabotage and move towards feeling happier, healthier, calmer, more energised - and comfortable in your own skin.

All you need to do is click onto my Wellness Unwrapped Facebook community group and tell me something you’ve learnt from a previous episode that’s had a positive impact on you. If you prefer, you can drop me a private message, or even make a quick video on your phone. I’ll be picking a winner later this month (October 2021). Good luck!

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Wellness Unwrapped

Welcome to Wellness Unwrapped! I’m Suzy Glaskie, Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach and founder of Peppermint Wellness. 

My aim with this podcast is to lift the lid on the bewildering topic of wellness. I’ll be sharing straight-talking conversations with inspirational people, many of whom have personally helped and inspired me to feel better. I’m on a mission to share real-life, accessible ways for even the busiest of people to improve their well-being.

I hope that this podcast empowers you to unwrap more of your own wellness, so that you can reclaim your energy - and flourish.