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Wellness Unwrapped

The healing power of nature

  • S2E40
  • 57:32
  • May 3rd 2021

I loved this very intimate chat with Dr Lucy Loveday, who's a true inspiration to me. You can't help but catch her infectious enthusiasm for being immersed in nature.

In this conversation, we talk honestly about our spiritual relationship with nature - and Lucy gives you practical, simple ways that you can start to connect with nature and feel better.

Lucy is particularly interested in the benefits of nature-based activity for mental health and wellbeing. It's something we dive deep into during this conversation, where Lucy shares how her father's mental health crisis when she was 11 has shaped her life's mission.

Lucy is founder of Movement & The Mind® which showcases the latest research on the benefits of physical activity for mental health and brain development.

A qualified GP and experienced medical educationalist, she is Regional Director for The British Society of Lifestyle Medicine.

One of Lucy's many groundbreaking projects has involved her teaming up with The Lost Gardens of Heligan in Cornwall to develop a nature-based wellbeing programme.

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