Why we need to put our own wellbeing first! artwork
Wellness Unwrapped

Why we need to put our own wellbeing first!

  • S3E62
  • 1:10:14
  • May 9th 2022

I found this conversation so deeply thought-provoking that I've been playing Lucy Barnwell's words in my head to remind myself of what's important in life.

Lucy is someone who truly lives by what she believes.

And yet, Lucy is no wellness "guru". In fact, until recently, she dismissed everything to do with wellbeing as "a load of hooey" (if you're not familiar with the word, it means nonsense!).

Lucy is simply a normal person who came to a crossroads in life. Following an illness, she decided to do something radical. While still pursuing a rewarding working life, she's decided to stop sacrificing her physical and mental health for her career. Having watched her health suffer through work stress, she's now opted to live her life to the full by putting her own wellbeing first.

I'm someone who has previously sacrificed her wellbeing for work - and Lucy's words really hit me in the heart.

I love the realness and honesty of sharing conversations with "normal", non-expert people. I believe it's what makes them so relatable. If they can make changes to get more out of their life, so can the rest of us!

I really hope you find this conversation as inspiring as I did.

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