Ali Abouzalam and Being Your Best
What's Your Purpose?
Ali Abouzalam and Being Your Best
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Had a great talk with Ali Abouzalam about the importance and challenge of living a life that is aligned with who you are and what you are about.

Ali Abouzalam is a cannabis industry entrepreneur, speaker and influencer who specializes in vaporizers and smokable marijuana and hemp products. Ali has leveraged his networks to normalize cannabis as CEO of two companies, founder of Northern Colorado Cannabis Community (NCCC), 2018 BizWest 40 Under 40 winner and District 26 Toastmasters Division Director overseeing 30+ clubs.

Ali's most developed skill sets include e-commerce, dynamic leadership and communication with an innate ability to create strategic connections and effectively influence team members to perform at their best.

Ali's is trilingual speaking Spanish and Arabic and his robust culture has enabled him to fluidly navigate networks and environments of all kinds while pushing culture and minority advocacy in the cannabis space. His special interests include mixed martial arts, spreading gratitude, public speaking, life coaching and building high quality relationships.


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