Andrea Wilson Woods talks cancer and
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Andrea Wilson Woods talks cancer and
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I talk with Andrea Wilson Woods, the CEO and Founder of Cancer University, a service to help care givers and cancer patients make sure they get the information that need.

ANDREA WILSON WOODS is a writer who loves to tell stories, and a patient advocate who founded the nonprofit Blue Faery: The Adrienne Wilson Liver Cancer Association. Andrea is the CEO and co-founder of Cancer University, a for-profit, social-benefit, digital health company. With Cancer U, Andrea synergizes her talents of coaching, writing, teaching, and advocacy. For over ten years, Andrea worked in the education field as a teacher and professor for public and private schools as well as universities. Andrea obtained her master’s degree in professional writing from the University of Southern California; her nonfiction writing has won national awards. Her new book, a medical memoir titled Better Off Bald: A Life in 147 Days, is a #1 Bestseller on Amazon in multiple categories.


  • https://cancer.university
  • https://betteroffbald.com (website for my book)
  • https://www.facebook.com/CancerUThrivers/ (Cancer U Facebook)
  • https://www.facebook.com/AuthorAndreaWilsonWoods/
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