Purpose and Finances with Stephanie Skryzowski
What's Your Purpose?
Purpose and Finances with Stephanie Skryzowski
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Not many people talk purpose and finances. Stephanie Skryzowski is out to change that and it was great talking with her. She is a clear demonstration that being grounded in your numbers not only increases your impact but also makes for a more enjoyable life.

Stephanie Skryzowski is a visionary Chief Financial Officer that helps purpose-driven leaders better understand and use their numbers to make smart decisions to grow their bottom line and their impact. She is the Founder & CEO of 100 Degrees Consulting which provides financial strategy and bookkeeping services to mission-centered businesses and nonprofits around the globe. She speaks to audiences frequently about how to use your financials to create financial sustainability and increase your impact on the world. Stephanie also coaches busy women entrepreneurs to build their businesses while sustaining their work-life balance. When she is not crunching the numbers, Stephanie is traveling the world with her husband and daughters.


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