Let's Get Intimate artwork
Wine Chats with Bildo and Lindalin

Let's Get Intimate

  • S1E36
  • 24:19
  • March 12th 2020

Prepare your x's and o's as Wine Chats HQ gets real cozy.

In this week's episode, Bildo and Lindalin discuss intimacy in marriage and friendship over head massages...

... and they ponder the question - why does spooning always have to lead to forking? 

Featured wine: Vandenberg Sauvignon Blanc 2019 


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Wine Chats with Bildo and Lindalin

This is an offensively funny podcast about drinking wine and chatting life.

In each new episode of Wine Chats, delve into the complicated and beautiful minds of us, Bildo & Lindalin, as we share hilarious stories, discuss hot topics and divulge all our deepest darkest confessions.

With a new wine featured weekly and 14 years of chat experience, our conversations are real, raw and honest - true best friends style that will leave you feeling like you're part of the tribe.

Wine Chats also produces a bonus weekly episode, ChatterBox, sure to make you giggle as we explore all our thoughts and musings in 5 minutes!

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