Ep. 52 - 🎁 HAPPY-HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US! 🎁 artwork
Wine Chats with Bildo and Lindalin


  • E52
  • 32:11
  • July 1st 2020

It's PARTY time as Wine Chats celebrates it's very first birthday!

This week Bildo and Lindalin are honouring the wonder that is this sweet little podcast with their friends and sponsors, by going back to the beginning and recounting how it all started for Wine Chats!

Plus, they will be introducing a brand new sponsor, ReWine, and making a very special giveaway announcement!

Featured Wine: ReWine Ansonica 2018


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Wine Chats with Bildo and Lindalin

This is an offensively funny podcast about drinking wine and chatting life.

With each new episode of Wine Chats, delve into the complicated and beautiful minds of Bildo & Lindalin as they share hilarious stories, discuss hot topics and divulge all their deepest darkest confessions.

A new wine is featured each week. New episodes every Thursday!