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Spinal Neuromodulation in Cerebral Palsy Rehabilitation

  • 1:03:00
  • January 26th 2023

Dr. Susan Hastings is a physical therapist who stumbled upon the hidden potential of the spinal cord in treating children with cerebral palsy. In her quest to understand what she was seeing clinically, she found Dr. Reggie Edgerton, a pioneer in the field of spinal cord injury recovery. Together they have been exploring the potential of spinal neuromodulation to drive recovery in children with cerebral palsy. Their work is set to change the way we think about rehabilitation in cerebral palsy, and in this interview we dig into the history, feasibility, theories and implications of spinal neurorehabilitation. You'll find links and resources discussed in this interview at https://www.wiredondevelopment.com

wiredON Development Interviews

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