Coryelle Kramer Knows How to Talk to Our Animals artwork
Women Road Warriors

Coryelle Kramer Knows How to Talk to Our Animals

  • 1:40:38
  • May 30th 2022

Ever wonder how your pets think? Have you ever wanted to get into your pets’ heads and understand what they are thinking and why they do what they do? Have you ever wondered why they are naughty? We have heard of animal whisperers. There ARE pet communicators. Coryelle Kramer is an internationally-acclaimed animal communicator who takes it to a whole new level. She can connect and talk to animals to help with unwanted behavior. She has identified different personality types that she calls Animal Dynamics. She helps both pets and their owners work through issues. She also helps animals be understood by their human parents. Learn what personality your pets have and how you can communicate with them better. Get inside their heads! Tune into this very special episode of Women Road Warriors with Shelley Johnson and Kathy Tuccaro. Coryelle’s insight will amaze you!

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Women Road Warriors

“Women Road Warriors” is hosted by Shelley Johnson and Kathy Tuccaro. Our podcast is ranked in the top 50 of the 100 Best Women Podcasts by FeedSpot on the web. We are a lively talk show designed to empower and inspire women in every profession as well as trucking, the trades, and other industries. Our show is for all women no matter where they work and it doesn’t hold back! We cover all kinds of topics helpful to women. We feature women champions and leaders from many walks of life. We also feature celebrity interviews. We help women on the road to success.

Shelley and Kathy are fun and informative and any topic is fair game. Shelley is a seasoned broadcaster, producer and journalist. She is the host of The Truckers Network Radio Show on TNCRadio.Live in Houston where she interviews experts, celebrities, and entertainers. Kathy is a heavy hauler in the oil fields of Canada where she drives the world’s biggest truck. She is an international motivational speaker who helps women and girls and the author of the popular book Dream Big. Want to be on our show? Be sure to message us at [email protected] and please subscribe to our podcast.

Meet Shelley and Kathy

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Shelley Johnson and Kathy Tuccaro

    Shelley M. Johnson is a seasoned journalist, broadcaster, multimedia producer, writer, marketer, and advocate for the progress of women. Shelley has worn many hats and brings insightful dialog to Women Road Warriors with a quirky sense of humor and unique perspectives. She also interviews many experts and world-renowned musicians, actors, and celebrities on the Truckers Network Radio Show.

    Kathy Tuccaro drives the world’s biggest truck as a heavy equipment operator in northern Alberta, Canada after having been a nurse. She is also an international motivational speaker and author of the book “Dream Big!” Kathy inspires people the world over to change their lives and improve their self-worth. She is passionate about personal growth and believes anyone can change their circumstances and overcome their obstacles if they believe in themselves.