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Building Success Habits

The Innocent Deep Dive with Donna Kunde & Londina Cruz

  • S10E29
  • 14:10
  • September 5th 2022

Preparation for the Hero's Journey Deep Dive

The first four Archetypes help us prepare for the journey. We begin with the Innocent and learn optimism and trust. When we experience “the fall” we become Orphans who feel disappointed, abandoned, betrayed by life and people who were supposed to care for us. The Orphan teaches us to provide for ourselves and stop relying on others to take care of us. The Warrior teaches us to set goals and develop strategies for achieving them and the Caregiver teaches us to care for others and eventually to care for ourselves.

“Your life is the fruit of your own doing. You have no one to blame but yourself.” — Joseph Campbell

There are five levels of the Innocent:

  1. Shadow - Denial, repression, blaming, conformity, irrational optimism and risk taking
  2. Call - Safe, secure environment; a desire to be protected, to experience unconditional love and acceptance
  3. Spiral One - Unquestioning acceptance of environment, authorities; believe that the world as it is being experienced is all there is; dependence
  4. Spiral Two - Experience of the “fall” - disillusionment, disappointment - but retention of faith and goodness in adversity
  5. Spiral Three - Return to Paradise, this time as a Wise Innocent; trust and optimism without denial, naivete or dependence

Give some thought to when, where, how and how much the Innocent expresses itself in our life.

How much or how little is the Innocent expressed in your life? Has it been expressed more in the past or present? Do you see it emerging more in your future? Is it expressed more at work, at home with friends, or in dreams? Who are some friends, relatives, coworkers and others who seem influenced by the Archetype of the Innocent?

Is there anything you wish were different about the expression of the Innocent in your life?

Since each Archetype expresses itself in many different ways, take some time to describe or otherwise portray (eg. draw, make a collage, use a picture of yourself in a particular costume or pose) The Innocent as it is expressed or could be expressed in your life. What does or would it look like? How does or would it act? In what setting does or would it feel most at home?

In your daydream, allow yourself to experience a perfect childhood, one in which you have everything you need: love, possessions, security, stimulation, encouragement to your growth in every possible way. Allow yourself some time to process your feelings. Be aware that no matter what the reality of your actual childhood, you can give yourself a perfect childhood anytime you wish in your fantasy.

Allow yourself to indulge in fantasies of rescue, whether it is “someday my prince or princess will come” or dreams of the perfect therapist, great boss or political leader who will restore Camelot. Imagine how faithfully you wait for rescue, how good and deserving you are. Allow yourself to experience being rescued and taken care of by this caring, benevolent and powerful person. Then imagine yourself becoming like that person. What does that feel like for you?

Building Success Habits

“The more tranquil a person becomes, the greater is their success, their influence, their power for good.” James Allen

How does that sit with you? What are the possibilities? That is what we will be exploring over the next 9 weeks.

This is the our brand new series called Building Success Habits. This weekly show will take you, the business owner, on a journey inside your current thinking to examine the the habits that are leading to the results you are getting in both business and life. By taking this journey with us, you will be able to build the healthy business habits every successful business owner needs to manage their growing business. 


Donna Kunde avatar
Donna Kunde
IBGR Managing Partner

"When we begin to see the world from the inside out, life will happen through us instead of to us."

Donna Kunde is one of IBGR's founders and started her career in radio at WNTW on it's Sales 2020 Show. In her role as EVP Supply Management she is responsible for day-to-day station operations and the quality of programming - both show topics and OnAir Talent.

She is an internationally recognized Business Coach and Trainer bringing 20+ years’ experience in military leadership. Donna has been a serial entrepreneur for the last 25 years owning a range of businesses experiencing the unique challenges solopreneurs face with small business growth. 

In addition to her entrepreneurial background, Donna brings 35 years of academic and applied cognitive and behavioral science experience to the IBGR Network. Her specialty is helping organizations navigate through change, challenge and tragedy. The combination of her intensive study of the mind, plus practical applications in human potential, Donna provides a unique perspective on leadership, personal growth, sales, communication, and team building.

A high point of Donna's training career happened when she accompanied Dr. John C. Maxwell and his team on a country transformation mission. At the request of the Costa Rican government, the Maxwell team successfully trained 15,000 Round Table facilitators in three days, resulting in a 2% transformation of that nation and projected to reach another 60,000 Costa Ricans the following week. Her trademark energetic communication style and teaching skills have earned her a reputation as a highly effective speaker and respected facilitator.

Londina Cruz avatar
Londina Cruz
Executive Coach, Speaker and Trainer

Londina Cruz is an International Trainer, Executive Coach, and Keynote Speaker with the John Maxwell Team and a Strategic Coach with Anthony Robbins.  Londina is a part of Global Transformation with the John Maxwell Foundation, training thousands of leaders in Paraguay and Costa Rica to help transform the values and culture of these nations.

She has spent more than 25 years studying, coaching and consulting in personal mastery and human performance techniques. These techniques include emotional and social intelligence trainings that elevate individuals, leaders and their organizations to excel well beyond current standards – offering a dynamic competitive advantage.

Londina has taken a situation that would devastate most individuals, being hit by a drunk driver, and has turned it into her life force. In this accident, Londina sustained a traumatic head injury, broken back and broken neck. The doctors gave her little hope of a normal life.   She has now turned this challenge into an extraordinary life of empowering others to turn their fears into freedom and reach their potential.

Mastering her limiting beliefs and overcoming all that doctors had told her, Londina has thrived physically as well.

She has become a Triathlete (competing in a Half-Ironman and medaling in numerous other triathlons), a two-time marathon runner (Nike Women’s in San Francisco and the Marine Corps in Washington), and a cyclist.

She has released 100 lbs. by taking control of her thoughts instead of allowing thoughts to control her.

She knows what it takes to take you and your team from where you are to where you want to be.

As a Certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker, I can offer you workshops, seminars, keynote speaking, and coaching, aiding your personal and professional growth through study and practical application of John’s proven leadership methods. Working together, I will move you and/or your team or organization in the desired direction to reach your goals.

Contact me. I am looking forward to assisting you on your journey to becoming a success in your life and/or business.