Ketty Margarita Urbay: “Simply M The Movement” artwork
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Ketty Margarita Urbay: “Simply M The Movement”

  • 24:50
  • September 13th 2021

Ketty Margarita Urbay: “Simply M The Movement

Ketty is creating a world of dance and creativity that is expansive, fun and energetic!  Her greatest desire to share her enthusiasm and belief in the power of creative movement, birthed “Simply M, The Movement” - with the conviction and dedication to bring the healing and transformative power of music and dance into women’s lives. Ketty won’t stop until every woman’s heart is free to express the truest expression of who she is, body, mind, and soul. Ketty wants to reclaim fun, freedom of expression and creativity, connecting with ourselves and each other. 

She is ready to dance. We are ready to dance. So, let’s dance!

Email: [email protected]

Instagram: @simplymthemovement

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