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Nicole Batiste “Healthy Habits Coach”

  • 25:18
  • January 18th 2021

Nicole Batiste “Healthy Habits Coach”
The thoughts you think, the words you speak, the breath you take, and the foods you eat - ALL affect how you feel, and how you feel about YOURSELF!
Learn new, stronger foundations of Healthy Habits that will change your mindset and your chemical make-up! Be WELL with Nikki, and start LIVING, SOONER than later!

Email: [email protected]
Business cell phone: 202-854-ZEN1 (9361)

Your Life Program

Ignite! Excite! Delight!

Andrea’s passion is to motivate others to “Live Intentionally Fabulous Everyday!”.

As a Certified Fitness Instructor, Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, HappyLife Coach® and the creator of the newest strength and fitness training product, “The MaxPAC®” (Maximum Power and Core) Andrea teaches and coaches how to live Strong and Joy-FULL lives! We all have something unique within us to discover & share. Join Andrea and her guests weekly for Information and Inspiration to help YOU create YOUR most Radiant Self, and bring your dreams to LIFE !”

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