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William Wayne Zwick “Dance for Body, Mind and Spirit

  • 26:10
  • May 16th 2021

Professional Dancer, Triathlete, Ironman - and overall Life Long Health and Fitness practitioner,  Wayne has been Instructing, Performing and Choreographing dance for over 3 decades, performing on some of the most prestigious stages and elite cruise ships around the world!  From Ballroom, Jazz, Modern, Swing, Latin, and Country, from beginner to advanced, Wayne does it and loves it all!  Dancing is one of the best ways to have Fun, make Friends, become Fit & Flexible, and FEEL Fabulous!  Dancing as exercise is great for Body, Mind, and Spirit!

Website: www.atlantadance.com

Email: [email protected]

FB: www.facebook.com/williamwaynezwick

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