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Your Story Medicine

Dreaming as Strategy: Envisioning Ourselves as Future Ancestors

  • S2E57
  • 26:13
  • April 12th 2022

Welcome to Season Two of the Your Story Medicine podcast. I am your host Jumakae, and my medicine is supporting change makers, conscious entrepreneurs, and radical healers in finding clarity in their message and confidence in their speaking. I want you to be able to share your story, grow your legacy, and heal generations before and after you!

Main Topics Discussed:

  • The beauty of entrepreneurship and sacred activism
  • How we can leave behind a legacy once we become future ancestors
  • The truth about “self-care” and finding time to rest

I have been processing a lot about what “seasons” mean to me. I have just completed a workshop for the California Faculty Association called Dreaming as Strategy: Envisioning Ourselves as Future Ancestors.

I stayed up late the night before putting together PowerPoints last minute (which I rarely do, by the way) because I felt like I needed it in order to prove that I was a professional or that I knew my stuff. And as fate would have it, when it came my turn to present technical glitches happened to where I had to rely on my story medicine.

And without any script, I just shared, from my heart, the story of my time as a community organizer, working in transformative justice after I was released from my job as a rape crisis hotline counselor when I was in the nonprofit world. But even when I was doing transformative justice work, I felt like there was something missing.

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