Interdependence: Why Self Trust is Not Enough artwork
Your Story Medicine

Interdependence: Why Self Trust is Not Enough

  • S1E56
  • 28:43
  • December 7th 2021

Welcome to our final episode of Your Story Medicine, the podcast, at least for this season and to what this will evolve into. We shall wait and see because December is the season of rich rest. 

So if you are listening to this episode, I hope that you are also carving out this time of the year to intentionally reflect on how much of the growth that you have experienced and the lessons that have learned and the stories that you get to compost as well as the new ones that you get to create for the next year.

And I hope that we can all walk into 2022 feeling well rested and acknowledging how far we've come. Because it's so easy to focus on what we haven't accomplished, and where we're supposed to be in life or maybe telling ourselves a story that we're behind. Versus recognizing that there is some version of you from not that long ago that prayed for exactly what it is you have today.

So take a moment to really count your blessings and be in such deep gratitude that you are here. You've made it.

Main Topics Discussed:

  • What is self trust?
  • How is it that we can move from independence to interdependence?
  • The beauty of being a part of a community

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