New Moon in Aries: What Running a Retreat Taught Me artwork
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New Moon in Aries: What Running a Retreat Taught Me

  • S2E58
  • 26:20
  • April 19th 2022

I know I said that I would be dropping episodes every other week to honor spaciousness, but I felt so called to share my experience of facilitating my most recent retreat with you that took place in Joshua Tree, CA - land of the the Serrano, the Cahuilla (Kuhweeah), the Mojave, and the Chemehuevi people prior to settler colonialism..

And it just so happens that our retreat took place when Aries entered the New Moon. While I’m no astrologer, I was told that the significance of this time is that it’s a transition or closure of events that took place last year in June and July.

As we sat around the fire, tears welled in my eyes reflecting on what my life has been like in these past nine months, like a baby literally being reborn.

Main Topics Discussed:

  • How does the journey of reconnecting with our ancestors reward us with life and relationships beyond our wildest imagination
  • Releasing the need to compartmentalize yourself, and embracing how multidimensional you can be
  • Getting scorched by fire: the season of consuming information is done 

I encourage you to go to to binge on the other episodes, where we've now categorized them based on topics, so that you can begin your journey of remembrance and reclamation today.

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