The 50 Shades of Planning Podcast

Sam Stafford started writing the 50 Shades of Planning blog in 2012 and, with the support of BECG - Built Environment Communications Group, has turned it into a podcast. 50 Shades of Planning is a podcast by planners and for planners. It features a regular group of contributors discussing the foibles of the English planning system as well interviews with people that have different experiences of and perspectives on the sector. Why Fifty Shades? Well, as Sam wrote back in the day, planning is never black and white. It's fifty shades of grey..., but sexier...

Sam is on Twitter (@samuel_stafford) and his old blogs can be found here: http://samuelstafford.blogspot.com. BECG are on Twitter at @BECGUK and online at www.becg.com.

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