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50 Shades of Planning

A conversation with David Rudlin

  • E12
  • 47:49
  • January 24th 2020

Sam Stafford chats with David Rudlin, Principal and Director of URBED, about his book Climax City, co-authored with Shruti Humani, which is a critical exploration of the growth of cities and masterplanning. The conversation takes in David's first role at Manchester City Council where he worked on the early stages of Hulme's redevelopment, as well as the 2014 Wolfson Economics Prize, which David and URBED won for their work on delivering a garden city.

David's contact details: http://urbed.coop/team/david-rudlin

Climax City: https://www.architecture.com/riba-books/books/urban-design-planning-housing-and-infrastructure/planning/product/climax-city-masterplanning-and-the-complexity-of-urban-growth.html

50 Shades of Planning

Sam Stafford started posting on the 50 Shades of Planning Blog in 2012 and in 2019 turned it into a podcast. 50 Shades of Planning is about the foibles of the English planning system and it's aim is to cover the breadth of the sector both in terms of topics of conversation and in terms of guests with different experiences and perspectives.

50 Shades episodes include 'Hitting The High Notes', which is a series of conversations with leading planning and property figures. The conversations take in the six milestone planning permissions or projects within a contributor’s career and for every project guests are invited to choose a piece of music that they were listening to at that time. Think Desert Island Discs, but for planners. If you would like to feature on 'Hitting The High Notes', or know somebody that would make a great guest, please email [email protected].

If you have listened to Episode 45 of 50 Shades of Planning you will have heard Clive Betts say that...

'In the Netherlands planning is seen as part of the solution. In the UK, too often, planning is seen as part of the problem'.

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Why Fifty Shades? Well, planning is not a black and white endeavour. There are at least fifty shades in between...

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