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Awaken Hope

Created by Kandiee Campbell • 66 episodes

Awaken Hope

Awaken Hope with Kandiee Campbell is a show with strategies to help one learn to let go.

Meet the Host

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Kandiee Campbell
Host of Awaken Hope

    Kandiee Campbell is a transformational leader, therapist and grief counselor, and certified “Happy for No Reason trainer”. Kandiee became a “Happy for No Reason Trainer because she wanted to learn skills that would enable her to live happy and fulfilled life no matter what life throws at you.

    Kandiee desires people to live free and know they are enough. Kandiee works with individuals who have experienced an experience or traumatic event that has left them feeling isolated, confused or less than their true self. She helps them uncover hidden emotional triggers that keep them stuck and playing small and helps them create a plan for moving forward so that they can be set free from the self-defeating thought patterns and heal their inner child that hold them back, she teaches them tools and strategies that can be used no matter where they find themselves or what life is throwing at them. 

    Kandiee has a M.A in clinical counseling in psychology. Kandiee is in pursuit of her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. Kandiee has co-authored papers for the Hawaii Psychological Association on “A Call to Managing Serious Mental Health Risks Among Pretraining Military Recruits”. Kandiee Campbell ranked on Amazon best-seller lists with the new book, “SuccessOnomics Vol 3,” Coauthored with Jack Canfield.

     Kandiee has additional training in trauma recovery and helps people make peace with early childhood trauma they have encountered. Kandiee has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Kandiee loves to bake. Kandiee lives in Ewa Beach, Hawaii with her family and two rescue dogs. Kandiee has travelled to over 40 countries, lived in seven. Kandiee has enjoyed experiencing exposure to many different cultures.