S1E9 - Independent Candidate 2020 U.S. Senate Special Election in Georgia: Al Bartell  aka "The Dark Horse" - S1E9 artwork
BOSS Uncaged

S1E9 - Independent Candidate 2020 U.S. Senate Special Election in Georgia: Al Bartell aka "The Dark Horse" - S1E9

  • S1E9
  • 56:11
  • June 9th 2020

"Now we're in what's called the Communications Age, where we live work and play by relationship to communication. Communication has now become a commodity in the deep south. We didn't have the large industries of smokestack industries with thousands of people and thousands of employees. We didn't have that in the south, nor do we have the 100 story buildings with mainframe computers on every floor. We did not have that in the south. So we were snatched out of the Agricultural Age and slammed into the Communications Age." - Al Bartell, Candidate 2020 U.S. Senate

Welcome back to BOSS Uncaged Podcast. On today's show, we have Al Bartell. Al is running for Georgia US Senate. Al has over 30 years of political experience alongside being an entrepreneur and being a small business owner. On today's show, we dive into discussions about the Current civil unrest, the global pandemic and the growth strategy to recover coming out of such devastating circumstances. Without further ado, Al Bartell! 




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