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Season 1 - Sell It


Created by IBGR onAir Talent William Eastman • 117 episodes

Season 1 - Sell It

Sales 'SELL IT"

How to develop the account. This is bigger than figuring out how to get somebody to buy something. It looks at the customer’s or client’s total situation to identify the root cause of their pain points and provide solutions for today plus building a long-term relationship to upsell your entire offer and become the supplier of choice.


  • How to create a compelling picture of the company's future to attract customers, employees, and investors;
  • How to find high margin customers that fit your process and offer;
  • How to clarify the role of sales as Business Developers, not just selling;
  • How to effectively use the business owner and executives in the sales process;
  • How to build compensation systems that drive the sales force to do the right thing;
  • How to use technology as the backbone to maximize sales efforts.