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Season 1 - Staff It

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Season 1 - Staff It

People "STAFF IT"

How to attract, select, develop, and compensate the best people. Nobody has a farm where they grow employees, instead the best are attracted to companies that meet their needs - their pain points. How do we take the CREATE and BUILD themes to become the employer of choice.


  • How to create a motivating and challenging work environment to attract and keep the best employees;
  • How to develop skill mastery in all employees;
  • How to get employees on the same page for executing the companies mission, operating principles, and business objectives;
  • How to balance authority and responsibility so employees can successfully complete their jobs;
  • How to build teamwork in work groups;
  • How to structure frequent face to face meetings between employees and direct supervision to discuss performance;
  • How to build reward and accountability systems that drive performance;
  • How to attract, select, develop, and compensate winners.