Carpool artwork


Featuring the Turf's Up Radio Time Machine

Created by Turf's Up Radio • 143 episodes

Carpool - Featuring the Turf's Up Radio Time Machine

Join the Turf’s Up Radio crew in this new revolutionary RADIO THEATRE event. Every Monday thru Friday from 8AM-9AM EDT, The Carpool’s driver, Darren M. Gruner, jumps in his old Dodge truck, starts his engine and tunes into Turf’s Up Radio, known as “The only radio station dedicated to the green industry.” You’ll hear him pick up other Green industry professionals and discuss what they are up to as they cover our country roads. But wait! This Old Dodge aint just any Old Truck. Oh no, it’s much more than that! Lets’ just say that this truck doesn't need tires where it can go! 

So get ready for the ride of your life and start each day off with a smile and maybe you will learn something in the process!

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