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CIE Healthcare Reform

by Dr No No Nanette

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CIE Healthcare Reform

Americans need healthcare reform: our podcast is talking about it. Patients, families, businesses seeking employee benefits, and healthcare workers must lead healthcare reform discussions.

The public lost trust in the US healthcare system. We discovered US physicians and attorneys who control oversight and hospitals participated in SKIN-CARTEL racketeering acts including:

  1. Medical identity theft: oversight deleted illegal Rx evidence from WI Rx database, proof a known cocaine dealing felon stole a doctor's medical identity for SKIN-CARTEL illegal Rx drugs.
  2. Clinical sabotage: culprits obstructed a victim doctor's clinic and then blamed the victim doctor for the clinical chaos. Oversight aided medical malfeasance by refusing to investigate (2008-present).
  3. Gaslighting: culprits gaslit the victim physician. They falsified evidence to support oversight's libel that falsely called concern for crime a paranoid delusion. Oversight aided obstruction of justice.

Premeditated murder of legally vulnerable skin cancer patients must be investigated. SKIN-CARTEL preyed on elderly patients with Stage IV skin cancer; patients died 2014, 2022. Those who imperiled patient and public safety must be investigated and prosecuted.

Did oversight profit from illegal Rx drug crime? Review of illegal equipment purchases raises concern that yes, oversight profits from identity theft.

Corrupt WI oversight leaders enjoyed promotions to US oversight: WI oversight leaders who aided crime enjoyed US oversight promotions. Dr. No No Nanette, the medical Rx identity theft victim physician, is a hospital whistleblower; this raises concern US rewarded WI oversight after the professionally assassination of a whistleblower.

When a WI oversight doctor's role in crime was exposed, he secured a prestigious VP role in Ohio. This raises concern that US healthcare is rewarding medical malfeasance.

Failure analysis: we studied oversight's responsiveness to concerns: we documented clinic sabotage and kept track of complaints and [lack of] oversight response (2008-present). Skin cancer patient Jane Doe #2 died 2022; this is because WI oversight protected financial stakeholders instead of patients. They called review of patient medical records "due process" rather than proper procedure.

Healthcare reform requires judicial reform: WI Supreme Court has been accused of political donor favoritism. WI Supreme Court failed to discipline prosecutorial misconduct despite dead patients, illegal Rx drugs, hospital evidence tampering (spoliation) and oversight deleted evidence of illegal Rx drugs. Racketeering concern warrants DOJ, American Bar Association, and US Supreme Court scrutiny: professional regulation has failed in Wisconsin.

Americans can have quality healthcare that is affordable. No No Nanette is talking about this corruption and how we can fix US healthcare. It's easy if we use the following CIE healthcare reform uses the following benchmarks:

  1. Compassion: patients come first and there is no compromise on this.
  2. Integrity: cornerstone of quality and compassionate care.
  3. Excellence is a process of always striving to do better for the patients.

CIE healthcare reform will post preliminary findings on ResearchGate and our Blog discusses how healthcare reform will fix American healthcare. We want to highlight leaders who champion patient care by CIE standards.

If you have an idea, thought, or comment you want to share, we want to hear your thoughts. We want to feature future leaders on our podcast.

Legal protections are covered in our legal protections episode. We do not give legal or medical advice on this or any website, podcast or public forum.

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Quality healthcare will be affordable if we end corruption: corrupt US medical licensing board leaders helped frame a hospital whistleblower for illegal Rx drugs while their strategic libel called concern for crime a paranoid delusion. Meanwhile, skin cancer patients died from clinical sabotage. We must end healthcare corruption if we want to make quality healthcare affordable for all Americans.