Conscious Leadership Now

Hi, my name is David Wetton and welcome to the Conscious Leadership Now Podcast.

The intent of this Podcast is to encourage you as a leader to explore what Conscious Leadership means to you, by giving you access to some of the world’s leaders in the field of Conscious Leadership, both in practice and in thought.

The background to this Podcast is that after listening to, meeting and working with some of the world leaders in Conscious Leadership for almost fifteen years, it's my heartfelt belief that Now is The Time for Conscious Leadership.

I'll lead my guests through 'Take Five' – Their Take on Five key Conscious Leadership Questions - enabling you to learn insights and practical applications from their personal journey with Conscious Leadership

My hope is that you leave this podcast feeling inspired, with ideas and resources to take away and implement in your business or organisation, to make a real difference in our world.  

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Finally, if you resonate with my approach to Conscious Leadership, then please know that I Help Conscious Leaders grow themselves and develop Purpose-Led, High Performing Leadership Teams through 1:1 Coaching & Tailored Leadership Programmes. If you sense I can help you, then please look me up, David Wetton, on LinkedIn and let’s jump on a conversation together.