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Creating a Consulting (Improvement) Business

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Created by IBGR onAir Talent William Eastman • 24 episodes

Creating a Consulting (Improvement) Business


I have been in this business for over 4 decades. I have experiences in a number of industries creating or turning-around businesses however the core technology has always been improving all elements of the business. 

This is more than a radio show, it is the basis of our newest offer - a consulting franchise. The difference between us and everybody else - we will tell you what is inside the black box before you buy it. Why - because then you'll have to it.


  1. How do you build a start up consulting company that can compete profitably with the best firms out there?


  • CIB.01 Series Overview (6JUL21)
  • CIB.02 Consulting Roles & The Hippocratic Oath (13JUL21)
  • CIB.03 Selecting Your Practice Areas (20JUL21)
  • CIB.04 Selecting Your Consulting Model (27JUL21)
  • CIB.05 Practice + Model = You Have A Business (3AUG21)
  • CIB.06 Monetizing Your Consulting Practice (10AUG21)
  • CIB.07 Understanding Available Sales Channels (17AUG21)
  • CIB.08 Delivering Consulting Services 1:1 (24AUG21)
  • CIB.09 Delivering Consulting Services Virtually (31AUG21)
  • CIB.10 Building Company's From Scratch (7SEP21)
  • CIB.11 Turning Company's Around (14SEP21)
  • CIB.12 Pulling It Together - Start Here (21SEP21)
  • CIB.13 Driving Success & Extending Reach (28SEP21)


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