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Professional makes 35,000 choices every single day. In 90 years that over 1,022,000,000 choices in a life time. The better you get at putting systems in place to help you make better decisions the more you will get out of your career and life.

A quality decision is one that is executed well because your choice is aligned with your purpose. We must have processes that help us remember to focus on the essential work that is making the biggest impact. We often fall back into bad habits and lose sight of our focus.

I interview experts in their field so you can learn and apply their mental models to your career. These tips will help you make billion dollar decisions.

Hi, I'm Karl Staib. The creator of the Dig to Fly method and author of Bring Gratitude. I struggled for years with making quality decisions because I didn't have a system in place. Once I developed routines that worked for my personality type that's when my career took off.

I hope you enjoy the podcast and if you have any questions just reach out at DigtoFly.com.