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How to Navigate Your Shadows with Erin Weed

  • E47
  • 57:11
  • August 17th 2021

Erin is the founder of The Dig. In this interview you’ll learn about how to be more authentic in your conversations at work and at home. 

Highlights from the episode:

  • Our operating systems have a team captain.
  • Understanding why we are here.
  • How she started helping people understand their operating systems.
  • Helping people feel seen.
  • The difference between an operating system and personal values.
  • Understanding how we relate to each other at work.
  • How we navigate our shadows.
  • Digging into your truth.
  • How we can begin to see how our stories can hold us back.
  • Honor when we feel violated.
  • Building inner compassion.
  • Creating a grounding question.
  • Getting to the core of the truth.
  • Remembering versus creating.
  • Peeling away layers to get to the truth.
  • Not getting sucked into a situation so it drags you down.
  • Dealing with a loss of her brother.
  • Finding opportunities in our struggles.
  • Understanding what pushes and pulls us in our lives.
  • Infinite amount of mental doorways to open, which ones to open and walk through.
  • Head - Facts we deal with.
  • Heart - How you feel.
  • Core - Desires. What do you want?
  • Do you want to your authentic self to be seen or do you want to only show people this creation of yourself?
  • Blocking off weeks into sections.
  • Favorite podcast - We can do hard things with Glennen Doyle 
  • Favorite Speaker - Ash Beckham “Coming out of your closet
  • Favorite Book - The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity (Amazon Link)

You can learn more about Erin Weed over at The Dig. You can learn more about Erin over at LinkedIn.

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