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Understanding the Seasons of Life with Kori Ashton

  • E48
  • 1:00:23
  • August 24th 2021

Kori Ashton is a serial entrepreneur and cancer survivor. She started and sold a family business. You’ll learn about how she navigated her cancer and career to grow stronger.

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Highlights from the interview:

  • Understanding the purpose behind your focus.
  • Figuring out the length of trying to reach our goal.
  • Still finding variety while drying to dig deep into one area of your life.
  • Started a Hot Dog stand company at 12 years old.
  • Understanding your seasons of life.
  • The power of good coaching questions.
  • Creating ownership within your employees.
  • There is always some fire to put out.
  • When you are having struggles these are just growing pains that you can use to improve your career.
  • Tapping into your dreamer mode.
  • Launching a digital marketing agency.
  • Understanding your mission.
  • They key thing we often forget to do when we start a business.
  • Dealing with Cancer, divorce and the death of her mom.
  • The importance of seeing a therapist.
  • Why caring for ourselves first to be there for other people.
  • Triple question theory.
  • Mastering the skill of slowing down and accessing our inner truth.
  • Working on our inner voice.
  • Catching our inner dialogue so we build our inner awareness.
  • Allowing for self care to help everything else fall into place.
  • Dig deeper to find the cause of your stress.
  • Top Podcast - Brene Brown
  • Top Book - What the Heck is EOS (Amazon Link)
  • Reflection - making time for prayer.
  • One thing you can do today to get closer to doing your life’s work.

You can learn more about Kori Ashton over at her website, on Twitter and check out her YouTube channel about Wordpess websites.

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