The Digging Deeper Podcast artwork

The Digging Deeper Podcast

Created by North Central Catchment Management Authority • 6 episodes

Digging Deeper

Soil is one of our most important resources; responsible for 95% of the food we eat and so its sustainable management is critical for our future. The National Soil Strategy has 3 main goals – prioritise soil health, empower soil innovation and stewardship, build soil knowledge and capability.

Aim of the Podcasts: Roll out the National Soil Strategy

Farmers often learn & implement new concepts by listening to and watching what their peers/neighbours are doing. The Podcasts are designed to promote this peer-influence to a greater audience by talking to local soil champions. To challenge people’s thinking of how we normally do things. To learn from (sometimes) unorthodox thinking.

There will be 12 soil champions (1 per month) who will be asked to participate in the podcast; with a diversity of people chosen – age, gender, farming industry, cultural. 

In each episode, we will “dig a bit deeper” and talk with local people who are undertaking new practices or thinking differently about the health of their soils. We will explore why and how they are building soil health and be introduced to their key concepts and thoughts rather than the practicalities of what they are doing.