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Empath Unplugged

Raw & philosophical reflections on holistic wellbeing, relationships, & the meaning of life.

Created by Esther Bertram - Founder of The Insel • 24 episodes

Empath Unplugged

Welcome to Empath Unplugged, a frequent release podcast of raw & philosophical reflections on holistic wellbeing, relationships, & the meaning of life. 🎧🧘🏻‍♀️🏝

Brought to you with love from your host – Esther Bertram – Founder of The Insel – A Rejuvenation Island for empaths. (Wellbeing Hub | Empath Community | Retreat Space)

Insel means “Island” in German.

As this ship of relation crosses the ocean of emotion, you are invited to jump aboard, listen in, and have a rest on The Insel’s safe and nourishing shores.

Empath Unplugged is a refuge for when life feels overwhelming, or you just want to vibe along with a fellow empath.

With frequent new episodes, traversing the universe with Esther gives you a chance to explore reality and our place within it, and gain a new angle from the perspective of a philosophical empath.

The Insel and our resident podcast, Empath Unplugged, are both sanctuaries where you can rejuvenate your body, heart, mind, and soul, while you reflect on your purpose and find your joy.

Expect topics such as philosophy, psychology, art, culture, spirit, science, and holistic health to be part of your wonder ride down this island rabbit hole.

And as a unique bonus feature, you can chill out to song or story time at the end of each episode, with special impromptu live musical performances should the mood arise – after all, it wouldn’t be an island holiday without an occasional beach fire song:) 🔥🎸🏝

Escape the ocean of emotion and rejuvenate on our safe shores at theinsel.com

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