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Building YOU to build YOUR BUSINESS by Ravin S. Papiah


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Sales Mastery by Ravin S. Papiah

"If You Are Not Aware, You Are Nowhere" – Ravin S. Papiah

Ravin Souvendra Papiah started his life by being doomed by doctors of an early childhood death. Being born as a very weak child played into his favour whereby he was introduced to reading by a teacher while his friends were enjoying their recreational time outside the class, playing. He has defied the doctors and today, he stands as a father, reader, trainer, coach, public speaker, writer, politician and Influencer. He discovered that his purpose is to help others grow to their optimum self. Being an avid fan of personal growth and reading, he believes that it can transform a person and consequently, his life, thus he encourages others to do the same. He insists that every person has the potential to become who they want to become. The first step is to have faith in themselves and become more conscious of who they are now and who they can become. “When you are NOT aware, you are NOWHERE” has become the emblem of Ravin Papiah. 

A 3-times Amazon No.1 Best Selling Author, and Men of the Year 2019, Superachiever recipient in Business & Entrepreneurship, Ravin Papiah is an Entrepreneur having achieved worldwide recognition with Forever Living Products. For 7 consecutive years, including 2019, he has been among the TOP 300 amongst 12 million Forever Business Owners in the world.

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