How to Harness and Support the Role of Fintech For Good? artwork
Finclusion 2021

How to Harness and Support the Role of Fintech For Good?

  • S1E4
  • 29:49
  • March 23rd 2022

How to harness and support the role of fintech for good? WITH Fair 4 All Finance and Fair by Design

In this episode, we hear from Jonathan Turner, Technology Strategy and Innovation lead at Fair4AllFinance about their work supporting the community finance sector through the Scale-Up Fund, and Carl Packman, Head of Corporate Engagement at Fair By Design explains the No Interest Loan Scheme currently being piloted across the UK.

Finclusion 2021

How can fintech tackle financial exclusion challenges? In this podcast series as part of the Finclusion 2021 campaign, we’ll be exploring themes around existing and potential fintech solutions to enable financial inclusion.

Finclusion 2021 is a series of connected happenings designed to stimulate, inspire, showcase and scale fintech’s contribution to financial inclusion. From potential game-changing products and collaborations to the here-and-now actions being driven by the UK’s leading firms reshaping financial services.

Meet the Hosts

Shân Millie avatar
Shân Millie

Shân Millie is the founder of Bright Blue Hair, a member of Tech Nation Insurtech Board, and co-chair of the Finclusion 2021 campaign. A self-proclaimed “accidental techie”, Shân brings a strong consumer angle to any discussion on financial services, connecting and collaborating for greater corporate responsibility in the use of data and digital solutions.

Victroria Roberts avatar
Victroria Roberts

Victoria Roberts is a fintech specialist, passionate about the potential of innovation to shape a better future for financial services. Through her work as Director of Fintech Delivery Panel and Insurtech Board at Tech Nation, the leading growth platform for scale-ups in the UK, she leads projects to strengthen the fintech environment, actively connecting people across the ecosystem.