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For Azeroth!: A World of Warcraft Podcast

Created by Lex_Rants, Sean, and Tru Villain Manny • 255 episodes

For Azeroth!: A World of Warcraft Podcast

A podcast featuring the news, lore, resources, and community feedback about Blizzard's premier World of Warcraft MMORPG. Go beyond the headlines and weekly events with Lex_Rants, Sean, and the Tru Villain Manny.

Meet the Gang

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Tru Villain Manny

Hey, I'm Tru Villain Manny; the gamer, podcaster, and streamer. I have been gaming since I got my hands on the NES Duck Hunt // Super Mario combo. RPGs are my jam. Fantastic worlds and interesting stories tend to draw me in. In March 2018, I joined "For Azeroth!" and started podcasting.

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I grew up on a steady diet of Loreena McKennitt, ren faires, DnD, and Baldur’s Gate, and so I was initially attracted to WoW by the “RPG” side of MMORPG. I spent my childhood exploring Ironforge at a walk and strictly avoiding any quests that made me kill cute animals (y’all have no IDEA how excited I was when I set foot on Borean Tundra and discovered DEHTA.) While I have made my home in the world of raiding, I still try to make time to bask in the wonder and beauty of this giant pixelated world: so, you see, I didn’t wipe the raid because I forgot a cooldown, I wiped the raid because I wanted you all to have some downtime to really EXPERIENCE the BEAUTY

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Raised on video games, I co-founded the Cartridge Club, a community for retro gaming enthusiasts, in 2012. I'm a longtime Blizzard fan and started my World of Warcraft adventure with vanilla, pausing after Wrath of the Lich King to serve in the Navy. Returning in time for Battle for Azeroth’s Visions of N’Zoth, I reignited my passion and started the Recruit a Friend podcast. Now, I'm excited to bring my extensive WoW experience to the 'For Azeroth' podcast team.

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