#220 - For Azeroth!: “A Tale of Two Betas 72 hrs later” artwork
For Azeroth!: A World of Warcraft Podcast

#220 - For Azeroth!: “A Tale of Two Betas 72 hrs later”

  • E220
  • 1:27:45
  • July 1st 2022

Liv and Manny are back to talk about WotLK beta, what it might mean for Dragonflight, and how Blizzard is pulling new manpower to get the job done!

For Azeroth!: A World of Warcraft Podcast

A podcast featuring the news, lore, resources, and community feedback about Blizzard's premier World of Warcraft MMORPG. Go beyond the headlines and weekly events with Manny Thomas and Olivia Arnold.

Manny Thomas avatar
Manny Thomas

Hey, I'm Tru Villain Manny; the gamer, pod-caster, and now streamer. I have been gaming since I got my hands on the NES Duck Hunt // Super Mario combo. RPGs are my jam. Fantastic worlds and interesting stories tend to draw me in. In March of 2018, I joined "For Azeroth" and started podcasting.

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Olivia Arnold

From adventuring through the first games of the Zelda franchise on the NES, to the worlds in the Elder Scrolls and Warcraft, Olivia loves to talk about the video games she plays. Having been a content creator since 2016, Olivia is ready to take the next step in her journey in joining Warcraft Radio as the new host of For Azeroth!

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