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Gina Gardiner & Friends with David Gruder

  • S2E35
  • 30:01
  • September 5th 2023

Dr David Gruder


Dr. David Gruder, PhD, DCEP, is not just an accomplished psychologist and captivating

TEDx speaker, but a true trailblazer in the field of human potential and societal transformation. As the visionary founder of The Center for Enlightened Self-Sovereignty and Integrity Revolution, Dr. Gruder has devoted decades to the exploration of personal growth, societal change, and the profound impact of technology.With an impressive collection of 12 prestigious awards and a string of bestselling books, Dr. Gruder has been hailed as America's Integrity Expert by Radio-TV Interview Report. As a board chair-level advisor, captivating keynote speaker, and accomplished trainer, he equips leaders, influencers, executives, helping professionals, and concerned citizens with a comprehensive suite of psycho spiritually elevated inner mindsets and outer skills.

Dr. Gruder's groundbreaking work revolves around catalyzing the emergence of the next evolutionary leap in humanity's development,coined as Homo Spiritus. This vision of our shared future seamlessly integrates personal freedom with societal well-being, giving rise to what he passionately calls "Spiritual Self-Sovereignty That Serves Us All."Through his captivating books, thought-provoking podcasts, captivating media appearances, electrifying keynotes, transformative training programs, and personalized mentoring, Dr. Gruder shares his profound wisdom on a global scale. His integrative perspectives have garnered recognition and accolades across diverse fields, including social change, conscious business and leadership, visionary leadership, culture change, health and wellness, mental health, transformational psychology, and self-help.

Dr. Gruder's broad and deep interdisciplinary orientation sets him apart, making him the ideal individual to have founded The Center for Enlightened Self-Sovereignty. With his humble confidence and innovative approach, he continues to inspire and empower leaders, influencers, helping professionals, and concerned citizens worldwide, unlocking their true potential and propelling them towards a brighter future for both themselves and society as a whole.

Gina Gardiner & Friends

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Gina Gardiner

For over thirty years Gina has worked with leaders and their teams from around the world, facilitating their growth and supporting their development of higher states of consciousness so that they make a positive impact and greater profitability within their personal life and within their business.

Gina is a multiple No1 International Bestselling Author and has written over 30 books including “Thriving Not Surviving – the 5 Secret Pathways To Happiness, Success And Fulfilment”. She is a Motivational Speaker, Empowerment and Transformational Leadership Coach and Trainer with well over 30 years of experience helping people experience greater happiness, holistic and profitable success and fulfilment both personally and professionally.

Gina facilitates leaders, their teams and individuals at every stage of their personal and professional development helping them to own their genuine power and unleash their unlimited potential. Gina walks her talk – authenticity is a fundamental principle of Enlightened Limitless Leadership and one which she demonstrates consistently to all.

Gina lives in the UK, she loves to spend time with family and friends, to travel, see live theatre and is a keen gardener.

Gina has a huge mission – to positively impact on over a million people through the development holistic, spiritual, enlightened and profitable leadership within the next three years. She is absolutely passionate about helping people have the integrity, compassion and courage to be their ‘BEST’ selves.

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