The Dodgeball Paradox  artwork
Unfinished Thoughts

The Dodgeball Paradox

  • 57:08
  • December 18th 2019

DisruptEd Podcast Episode #1 Andy Vasily and Jorge Rodriguez

The Dodgeball Paradox states, how can we justify playing a physically aggressive game in a safe learning environment? This podcast will explore the history of the game and how it has changed. The dodgeball paradox is meant to provoke thoughts and discussion around appropriate physical education practices and the role of the physical education teacher in providing meaningful learning experiences for all students.

Unfinished Thoughts

Unfinished Thoughts is a podcast that is dedicated to providing educators around the world a platform to learn and share best practices. We use our podcast to showcase some of the top educators in our field and attempt to analyze their success. Unfinished Thoughts has included topics such as standards-based instruction, neuroscience, mindfulness, and social justice. We attempt to bring you topical issues that will improve your teaching and ultimately help our students live happy, healthy and active lives.