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How We Got Here Podcast

Whether we’re in it or bearing witness to it, caregiving impacts everyone and profoundly shapes our purpose and identity. How We Got Here is a podcast that enriches our understanding of what it means to give and receive care by talking to people about the circumstances that introduced them to caregiving and how these experiences changed them.

Meet the Hosts

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Christopher MacLellan

Affectionately known as “The Bow Tie Guy” to a vast network of family caregivers, Chris MacLellan is the Founder and CEO of The Whole Care Network™ and the author of “What’s The Deal with Caregiving?” Chris brings his signature soothing style to How We Got Here.

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Christina Best

Christina Best is a writer and editor, and she is currently the editor-in-chief of Christina is committed to creating opportunities for caregivers and those that support them to connect and share stories and information.

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Bill Odman
Executive Producer

Bill Odman, the “OD” in ODVOX Productions, is a full-time professional podcast producer and voice-over talent living in the American Midwest. Bill brings a varied and successful background spanning more than 35 years in information technology, management, health care, and performance to voiceover and podcast production projects.

Bill is an Executive Producer for and the “voice” of the Whole Care Network (WCN). You can hear his work on such podcasts as “Healing Ties 2.0” (WCN) and “Your Future Self” (WCN), “PodPourri” (The Ehlers Group), and upcoming podcasts from, as well as the audiobook Gay Rights and the Mormon Church: Intended Actions, Unintended Consequences (available on Audible and iTunes).